Thursday, February 24, 2011


The Uber Shelter is up! Genesis and his family are moving in tomorow. The last few days have been incredible for us. We will post stories, pictures and thoughts after some rest.

Laurel (our super talented photographer) from Grass Roots United and Laura from Germany installing the last roofpanels. I think Laura did more work than Armand and I put together. To see more of Laurels photo work in Haiti visit her Picasa page!

Interior shot of the second floor and sleeping loft. we have some currious visitors

assembly crew putting finishing touches on the shelter in the afternoon heat. this feels good


  1. So amazing! Congratulations - can't wait to see Genesis's feedback...

  2. YEAH GENESIS!!! You will keep Irene and baby Rob safe and sound and dry in your new home!! I am soooooo sooooooooooo happy for you, you guys deserve it!!! LOB U xoxoxoxo
    PS: Uber, how do the windows work, if it rains ect? (just curious?)