Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Making new friends

Our friend Val working with us to clean the roof panels

We are ten days into our trip, and it's been an amazing learning experience. Last weekend we left Port-au-Prince for three days to visit nearby Leogane and the beautiful town of Jacmel. By now we have been to several homeless camps (Canaan 2, Mayard, Pinchinat, JP/HRO, Delmas 33), met with organisations working to help rebuild, and spent time getting to know Haitians to better understand this complicated issue. This week we will be visiting with families, seeing more camps, and attending meetings as a precursor to the selection process of housing a family on a secure plot of land. We have also been prepping the shelter for assembly by cleaning the panels and mounting insulative laminate to the roof.

Tarp shelters in Delmas 33

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