Tuesday, March 8, 2011

This week's agenda!

We begin building the second shelter in Croix des Bouquets tomorrow for Magdala and her family. This suburb of Port-au-Prince is very different from the urban camp setting of Adokin (in PaP) where Genesis and his family live. The building site for Magdala is in a rural area with an abundance of sugarcane fields, goats, chickens and is an interesting change of pace from bustling Port-au-Prince. The second shelter design is different from the one Genesis lives in, it is the prototype built prior to the newest design. To see a video of this shelter click here. Magdala currently lives in a tent camp in urban Port-au-Prince with her mother and daughter. She feels unsafe in the camp and is living in a shelter that leaves nothing between her family and the outside but a tarp. Magdala's sister lives on a plot of land in Croix des Bouquets, and has offered Magdala to move onto part of this land if she can build a shelter. Our first few weeks in Haiti were spent searching for families to live in two shelters and  Magdala, her mother, and daughter seemed like a perfect fit for the second shelter.

We continue working with Genesis daily and he will be helping us build the second shelter. Below is a before and after pic of Genesis and Irene's home in Adokin camp in the Delmas 33 area of Port-au-Prince.
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  1. I can understand that you need to make some improvements to accommodate this family and the baby; however, the before and after show that their lives have already been improved. Keep going; you are making a difference. Let's hope that many support your cause.

  2. Hi Guys are you familiar with Eric From Can-do.org? They are doing a domes project and working with the mayors in haiti to build schools and orphanages.

    Love what you guy are doing. Everyone pushing in the same direction is what makes a true impact. Keep up with the great work. If I can help in any way please let me know.


  3. love it boys WELL done you have done an amazing project - yet again! xx