Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Relief, Recovery, and Reconstruction

Building Homes a Struggle in Haiti -Kansas City Star Sunday, Sept 19th
"Eight months after the quake...only 13,073 temporary shelters have been built throughout Haiti out of a goal of 135,000 by the end of next August, according to the shelter cluster. Haiti still has no housing minister, policy or approved strategy."Strategies to rehouse involve "putting transitional shelters on demolished lots and helping people return home by providing them with a financial-assistance package to repair their quake-damaged homes.""A jury will soon choose the best five models, which will be a living showcase in a planned community on government-owned land in Port-au-Prince. Quake victims will live in them, and the idea is to replicate the housing designs throughout Haiti"
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Check out these links:

IASC Haiti Shelter Cluster- active working group for shelter in Haiti
This site contains resources for network building, in-country conditions, upcomings, and technical information.

Shelter Centre - "the NGO supporting the humanitarian community in post-conflict and disaster shelter and housing"
Here you can find emergency shelter designs and more information about world shelter needs.


Rubble is a major obstacle that can prevent or slow down reconstruction. By using simple manual rock crushing techniques, rubble turned into many useful building materials.

"It is still in question whether or not debris can be used for construction."
-From IASC Shelter Cluster Meeting Minutes, Aug 31

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